Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lest We Forget isn't a history lesson. It's just a means for me to recollect all those wonderful people who have been an inspiration all through these years. So just go on to know what exactly is it....Happy reading :)

It's about our country which has always had these fascinating stories of people who were not just brave but were dreamers. They dreamt of a nation which would be independent,

secular, democratic , republic & socialist (All those idealistic words we were taught in our schools :) )

There have been numerous organizations as well which were instrumental in making us realize the value of freedom. Hindustan Socialist Republic Association or HSRA), Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj), Indian National Congress & Indian Armed Forces just to mention a few. Most of us have heard and read these stories as our lessons at school revolved around them for most of the time. But it was always history, something which we were never a part of.

That was why The Kargil war was truly historic in a sense that it brought our heroes live on Television. And here we are in 2009, commemorating 10th Anniversary of the war. On such an occasion this is my small tribute to all those Martyrs of our country....

Right from Tipu Sultan to Mahatma Gandhi & Bhagat Singh to Captain Vikram Batra. Most of them who laid down their lives with a smile on their face and with a satisfaction of dying for their dear motherland

Over the next few days I wish to pay my tribute to few of those great souls....And who will the first one????

Keep guessing!!!!

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